Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New College Graduates Failing in Job Searching Skills

50% of recent college graduates are either jobless or underemployed as this article is written. Most of these graduates are working at jobs that do not require the college degree just earned. Many are working at part-time, minimum wage jobs. With these statistics, many will face the harsh reality of being unable to repay their student loans on time, if at all. There must be a better outlook for these young adults who put so much time into preparing for their future. But are they really prepared?
We crank out college grads who think that great grades and perfect attendance is what will land the dream job they always wanted! Unfortunately, employers are looking for something entirely different, and it's time that our grads learned the one thing they did NOT learn in college; how to actually look for a job!
Sadly, millions... yes, millions... of jobs go unfilled each year. This is a sad commentary in our current economic situation. With 50% of recent college grads without work, or with inadequate work, this is a statistic that should not even exist. Why, then, are businesses still faced with all these unfilled positions? Because so many applicants don't understand what the employers are truly seeking in the people they hire. Poor resume upon poor resume finds its way to the desks of HR departments on a daily basis. If a candidate happens to make it to the interview process, the majority of candidates have no idea what they're doing in the interview chair. Employers feel that these skills are not given the attention that is vital to a college graduate's successfully landing a job in his or her chosen career field. They don't know how to market their degree.
To most employers, the candidate who spent a year abroad on foreign exchange very likely does not have as much to offer as the college student who works part time at the local JC Penney. There, they may be learning about marketing, customer service and teamwork, as well as proving they can make it to work each day. The student who is all about academia and very little about the real world, demonstrates very little about how they will perform in the working world.
The bottom line is: these graduates need to understand what makes their employer prospects tick; what will make themselves employable. That is when the employment rate of our grads will go up, and the job vacancies will get filled. It's all about working with a professional who knows how to lay out a strategic, productive job search. The sooner these grads act, the sooner they will realize the financial rewards of their degree... as originally intended.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dissertation Editing Services

Professional dissertation editing services offer reliable assistance to Ph.D. students by refining and editing their dissertation for approval. Hiring an expert to edit your dissertation will help to make it flawless and accepted, which will earn you a doctorate degree.
By the time students have advanced to a Ph.D. program, they tend to understand that grammar and spelling errors are completely unacceptable. While the editor will fix any such issues, more often the student is more concerned with referencing, organization, answering the research questions, and writing the methods section correctly and to the stringent guidelines.
Expert dissertation editing services can transform your dissertation into a composition that will impress the examiners at your university. Earning a prestigious doctoral degree commands respect and dramatically increases your marketability and career outlook.
Dissertation editing services are comprised of scholarly editors with ample experience in editing, conducting research, writing dissertations, and advising students. Hiring the help of professional dissertation editors can help turn your rough draft into a flawless dissertation.
After months of combing through the university library, carrying out research, collecting and analyzing data, compiling results, and organizing the information, you are bound to have made at least a few errors -- both minor and major. Dissertation editors attend to any and all areas you may have overlooked or need to improve. The professionals work in collaboration with the client, and communicate regularly to help you produce a dissertation worthy of approval.
The dissertation specialists imbue life into the project that has taken a huge chunk of your precious time, requiring you to spend endless hours working out the details. Dissertation editing services have the skill to eliminate plagiarism and uncited works. The transition from one paragraph to the next is made smooth by the top-notch editors.
Professors typically write comments and recommendation in the student's dissertation. Dissertation editing services can utilize Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature to correct these areas, which allows you to clearly see all changes and additions. In addition, the editor can add comments in the dissertation to provide useful feedback and notes.
Spending a few dollars for dissertation editing services is a wise investment since writing a successful Ph.D. dissertation will have a significant impact on your future. Even the most talented doctoral students will write several versions of their dissertation. The dissertation writing and editing process requires several rounds of writing, rewriting, and editing. Hire a dissertation editor to help.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How To Prepare For An Organic Chemistry Tutoring Session

If you have made the decision to hire an organic chemistry tutor, then good for you. But don't think that just because you hired a tutor all your problems will be solved. It will still be up to YOU and how you approach your organic chemistry tutoring session that will ultimately determine how much value you gain from your tutor
The first thing to realize is that despite having hired a tutor, the hard work, study, and preparation will still fall on your shoulders. If you do not put in the work and adequate preparation, you will only wind up wasting the time and money invested in tutoring
Knowing WHAT you want to cover 
All too often I'll have a student show up for a tutoring session and tell me "I need help with organic chemistry" but will usually have no idea where to start. It's not the end of the world if you need help identifying your weak points. However, if you can take the time to outline your diffhculties prior to your session you will be able to jump right into the material with your tutor. This saves you from wasting time during your actual session trying to figure out what to cover or where to begin

Having an Outline 
Once you have identified which chapter or overall topic you need help with, it helps to take this a step further. Break down the chapter, perhaps you understand the introduction but need help with the second or third sub-topic. Perhaps you get each overall concept but have a more specific question on one of the theories mentioned

Creating an outline of exactly which topics you need help with will allow your tutor to jump right into the desired information without wasting time going through the material that you are already comfortable with
Preparing a List of Questions 
The best and most specific means of tutoring preparation is preparing a list of questions. The best way to accomplish this is by keeping a paper or sticky note on hand as you are studying. Every time a concept or question comes up that you have trouble with, make a note of it. Write down the keyword, topic, page number, or any other pertinent information. By the time you have finished your solo study session you will likely have a detailed list waiting to be answered by your tutor

Hopefully using this information will allow you to be better prepared for your next organic chemistry tutoring session to help you get the most out of your tutoring session time